Friend’s Report Leads to Deportation of Ghanaian Woman from USA Due to Lack of Papers

Ghanaian Woman Deported from the US After Work Dispute and Immigration Issues

A Ghanaian lady by the name of Frimpongmaa faced deportation from the United States of America after her friend reported her to the authorities. According to the narrator, Freda Afriyie, who shared Frimpongmaa’s ordeal on social media, she had been working in the States using other Ghanaian documents, and her salary was being deposited into the account of the person whose papers she was using.

Frimpongmaa had earned over US$70,000, but her money got locked up with the Ghanaian individual whose documents she was using for work. Desperate to retrieve her hard-earned money, Frimpongmaa visited the person’s house, but the woman claimed to be sick and requested a two-month period to cash out the funds on her behalf.

Frustrated by the delay, Frimpongmaa and the debtor had a heated argument, which prompted the debtor to call her husband and the police, claiming she was under attack. Consequently, Frimpongmaa was arrested and investigated, revealing that she lacked the necessary documents to prove her legal stay in the USA.

As a result, she was deported back to Ghana and currently finds employment as a dish washer in a chop bar.

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