Gang-rape incident in Gomoa Ojobi: 5 Fulani herdsmen named as suspects

A group of five Fulani herdsmen allegedly gang-raped a woman in her early 40s in a bush at Gomoa Ojobi in the Central Region on Sunday morning. The suspects, who were armed with guns, cutlasses, and other weapons, invaded the victim’s house, also a Fulani woman, and attacked her and her husband.

The suspects tied up the husband with a rope and gagged him to prevent him from calling for help, then took the wife into the nearby bush and raped her repeatedly, disregarding the fact that she was also Fulani. They threatened to kill her if she made any noise. After the assault, the suspects tied the victim up and left her in the bush until concerned residents found her and brought her home.

According to the victim’s husband, the suspects also stole ten of his cows, but they were unable to transport them. The suspects attempted to flee with the cattle in a sprinter bus with registration number GG-2766-21. However, the shouts of the owner drew the attention of some armed residents who came to his aid.

When the suspects saw the armed residents approaching, they fled, abandoning the cattle in the bus. The angry residents vandalized the vehicle and almost set it on fire.

The incident has been reported to the Gomoa Ojobi Police for investigation, while the victim is receiving treatment at the hospital

Yaw Boagyan gathered this information for Kasapa News.

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