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“Ghana Revenue Authority Provides Rationale for Taxing Bloggers, Brand Influencers, MCs, and More”

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has offered a staunch defense of its decision to implement taxes on bloggers, brand influencers, MCs, and other digital earners. The taxation of income generated in the digital sphere has become a topic of considerable debate, both in Ghana and globally.

While traditional sources of income are relatively straightforward to tax, the rise of digital earnings has introduced distinct challenges. The GRA’s move to consider taxing bloggers and similar entities has raised various concerns and questions among stakeholders.

In a recent interview with Citi News, Edward Gyambra, the Commissioner overseeing the domestic tax revenue division of the GRA, underscored that the expansion of the tax base does not signify the creation of a new tax. Instead, he argued that it is a matter of fairness, ensuring that businesses generating income contribute their rightful share to the national revenue pool.

Gyambra further clarified that the GRA’s objective is to widen the tax net to encompass all businesses, regardless of whether they operate online or offline. He stated, “Some people conducting business online is a global phenomenon. If you recall, last year, we also introduced e-commerce taxation. As part of our efforts to ensure that online businesses contribute their fair share of taxes to the country, we will hold all these players accountable.”

He emphasized, “We are expanding the tax net, and this does not equate to the introduction of a new tax. If you are generating income from any form of business, that income is subject to taxation. So, whether you are behind your computer creating content and earning income from it, we will tax that income.”

In summary, the GRA defends its decision to tax digital earners as part of a broader effort to ensure that all businesses, online and offline, fulfill their tax obligations and contribute to the nation’s finances. This expansion of the tax base is not the introduction of a new tax but rather an equitable approach to revenue collection in the evolving digital landscape.

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