Ghanaian Student’s Ohio University PhD Scholarship at Risk Due to Anti-LGBTQ+ Tweets

Derrick Boadi Sakyi, a Ghanaian student pursuing Biological Science at a US university, is facing the possibility of losing his PhD scholarship due to his anti-LGBTQ+ tweets. The situation began when a Twitter user flagged his posts on June 21. Papa Kojo Ampofo, a pro-gay rights activist, reported Sakyi to the institution where he was studying.

Ampofo’s petition led the university to suspend Sakyi’s Fellowship and Funding while they investigate the matter. Sakyi admitted to issuing the tweets and sending anti-LGBTQ+ messages to activists. He has since deleted the Twitter account associated with those posts.

The university, which emphasizes the importance of supporting minority groups, stated that Sakyi’s conduct contradicted their guidelines and values. Their fellowship aims to provide opportunities for diverse communities, including LGBTQIA+ individuals, students from the Global South, first-generation students, and people with disabilities.

As of now, the situation remains under investigation, and Sakyi’s scholarship hangs in the balance due to his views conflicting with the inclusive and diverse principles upheld by the university.

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