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“Ghanaian Women Earn Lower Salaries Than Men, Says GSS”

Accra, Ghana, women earn, on average, 34.2 percent less than men, as per the First Quarter data from the 2022 Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) Annual Household Income and Expenditure Survey (AHIES). This statistic coincides with Ghana’s participation in the 2023 International Equal Pay Day, observed annually on September 18 to advocate for equal compensation for equivalent work.

The estimated gender wage gap accounts for various factors such as age, years of work experience, education level, occupation, industry, employment sector, and region of residence. Notable findings from the GSS data include:

  • Among workers with tertiary education, women earn 12.7 percent less than their male counterparts, reflecting the lowest gender wage gap.
  • Workers with basic education experience the highest wage gap at 60.1 percent, followed closely by those with no education at 54.0 percent.
  • In terms of employment sectors, the private informal sector has the highest gender wage gap, with women earning 58.7 percent less than men. The private formal sector follows with a wage gap of 29.9 percent.
  • The public sector exhibits the lowest gender wage gap, where women are paid 10.5 percent less than men.
  • For individuals aged 36 to 60 years, women earn 33.4 percent less than men. In contrast, the wage gap is 30.7 percent for the age group 15 to 35 years, with women receiving lower pay than their male counterparts.

These findings shed light on disparities in earnings between genders in Ghana’s workforce.

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