Ghanaians are reacting to Osebo’s latest outfit and some are still wondering how he managed to convince Nana Aba to have a child with him.

Ghanaians are currently reacting to the latest outfit worn by fashion icon, Osebo, after he shared photos of it on social media. The public’s attention was drawn to the fact that some individuals are still perplexed as to how he convinced Nana Aba to have a child with him.

In the midst of this social media buzz, media personality Nana Aba Anamoah has revealed the qualities she finds undesirable in a man she would consider dating. According to the GHOne General Manager, she has no tolerance for men who are foodies and would leave her kitchen and fridge empty. She emphasized the importance of eating in moderation and not over-indulging in food, citing it as a serious issue.

Nana Aba also expressed her dislike for men who watch pornography and expect her to live up to their sexual fantasies. She advised that such individuals should keep their desires to themselves and not project them onto their partners.

It is evident that Nana Aba values self-control and maturity in her romantic relationships. Her comments provide insight into the standards she holds for her partners and what she expects from them. Meanwhile, Osebo’s fashion choices continue to make headlines, and Ghanaians are eagerly anticipating what he will wear next

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