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“GNAT’s Call for Renewed Negotiations: Addressing the Future of Teaching Staff in Ghana”

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) hereby addresses the pressing issue of the expired 2020 Collective Agreement for Teaching Staff in the Ghana Education Service (GES). We play a pivotal role in our nation’s future, and it’s imperative that our concerns are resolved for a conducive working environment.

The 2020 Collective Agreement, signed by the Government of Ghana and Teacher Unions, including GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT-GH, was meant to be effective for three years, starting from January 2020. Regrettably, this agreement has now ended, and many critical issues, such as allowances, a new scheme of service, and more, remain unresolved.

Outstanding matters include allowances for underserved area teachers, entertainment allowance, housing/rent allowance, car maintenance allowance, fuel allowance, electricity subsidy, clothing allowance, and risk allowance.

GNAT calls upon the Government to urgently engage in fresh negotiations for a Collective Agreement. We implore the Government to approach this with the urgency it warrants to ensure a harmonious working environment and promptly address these outstanding concerns.

Failure to heed our call for negotiations and address our concerns is not in the best interest of any party. GNAT values a peaceful industrial environment and is committed to maintaining it, but timely resolution of our concerns is crucial for this tranquility to endure.

To our leaders, we hold them accountable for negotiating a new Collective Agreement that addresses the current challenges faced by teaching staff in the GES. We urge them to prevent disruptions in our educational system.

In conclusion, GNAT – Brong Ahafo Regional Secretariat issues this statement with the hope that our concerns are acknowledged and acted upon. As educators, our commitment to our nation’s growth remains steadfast, and addressing these issues is a vital step toward that goal.

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