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Gospel Musician McAbraham Reveals 14 Years of Celibacy and 26 Years of Faithful Marriage to Wife

It’s great to hear about McAbraham’s commitment to celibacy for 14 years and his faithful marriage to his wife for 26 years! Celibacy is a personal choice that some people make for a variety of reasons, including religious or spiritual beliefs, personal growth, or to focus on other areas of their life. It’s not an easy choice to make, and it requires a lot of discipline and self-control.

Similarly, a faithful marriage requires a lot of work and commitment from both partners. It’s wonderful to see that McAbraham and his wife have been able to maintain their relationship for 26 years and that they continue to support each other. Marriage can be challenging at times, but when both partners are committed to making it work, it can be a beautiful and fulfilling journey.

Overall, it’s inspiring to hear about McAbraham’s commitment to his beliefs and his marriage, and it serves as a positive example for others who may be considering similar choices in their own lives

In a recent interview with Dave Hammer on Hello FM, which was monitored by ZionFelix, Gospel musician McAbraham revealed that he chose to remain celibate for a period of 14 years. He explained that this decision was made after he had a child before getting married, and after becoming born again, he felt that God was strengthening him to abstain from sex until he was married.

It’s admirable that McAbraham was able to maintain his commitment to celibacy for such a long period of time, especially given the challenges that come with it. It’s clear that his faith played a significant role in his decision-making process, and it’s inspiring to see how it has positively impacted his life

During the interview, McAbraham emphasized that his ability to maintain celibacy for 14 years and his fidelity to his wife of 26 years was due to the help of God. He credited his faith for giving him the strength and discipline to resist temptation.

Furthermore, McAbraham highlighted the difference between his life before and after accepting Jesus Christ into his life. He spoke about how being born again had transformed him and helped him to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life. He noted that he was no longer the same person he used to be and that his faith had given him a new perspective on life.

It’s encouraging to see how McAbraham’s faith has positively impacted his life and relationships. His commitment to his beliefs and his marriage serves as an inspiration to others who may be striving to live a similar lifestyle

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