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“Government Informs Bondholders: Maturing Coupons to be Paid Within 48 Hours”

The Ministry of Finance has announced that the process of paying matured coupons on outstanding bonds has begun, starting with the bonds that matured on February 6th and 13th, 2023. Bondholders are expected to receive their payments within the next 48 hours. The government has also promised to communicate payment dates for subsequent maturities in due course.

This announcement comes after the Coalition of Bondholders threatened the government with a 48-hour ultimatum to pay all outstanding coupons or face their wrath. The coalition has called on the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Ghana Stock Exchange to enforce the rules of full disclosure required by all issuers, including the Government of Ghana. The group has vowed to fight for the full payment of their monies and the preservation of the securities market for future generations

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