Government Takes Action to Ensure Payment to IPPs, Says Atta-Akyea

Government Takes Measures to Prevent Power Plant Shutdown by Independent Power Producers

Samuel Atta-Akyea, the Chairman of the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament, has revealed that the government is implementing measures to avert a potential shutdown of power plants by Independent Power Producers (IPPs) on July 1. Atta-Akyea emphasized that the government is taking the necessary steps to mitigate the severe consequences that could arise if the IPPs decide to cut off power supply.

During a press briefing in Parliament, Atta-Akyea refuted claims of selective payment regarding the GH¢1.7 billion debt owed to the IPPs. He stated that the government is well aware of the concerns raised by the independent power producers regarding payment and emphasized that the Minister of Finance would not engage in a practice of paying some IPPs while neglecting others.

Recognizing the implications of power withdrawal from the system, Atta-Akyea reassured that the government is making every effort to ensure that such a situation does not occur. He urged the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, to engage with the IPPs and address the outstanding arrears owed to them.

Addressing the financial aspect of the issue, Atta-Akyea stressed the importance of the Finance Minister finding a way to fulfill payment obligations, even if it is done in reasonable terms. He highlighted that demonstrating goodwill and making partial payments can foster cooperation from the IPPs and dissuade them from cutting off power supply. Atta-Akyea cautioned against taking a stance of non-payment, as it could provoke the IPPs to take drastic action.

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