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Grammy Awards Introduce Best African Music Performance Category, Encompassing Ghana’s Highlife, Asakaa, and Afropop Genres

Grammy Awards Introduce Best African Music Performance Category, Celebrating Afrobeats and African Music

In a groundbreaking move, the Recording Academy of the Grammy Awards has officially announced the addition of a new category dedicated to Afrobeats and African music, called “Best African Music Performance.” This decision has created a wave of excitement within the global music community.

The inspiration behind this initiative came during CEO Harvey Manson Jr.’s visit to Ghana in 2022, where he reaffirmed the Recording Academy’s commitment to accurately representing the diverse musical landscape of the continent.

The upcoming 2024 Grammy Awards will feature three highly anticipated new categories, with “Best African Music Performance” being the most anticipated. This category aims to honor exceptional recordings that showcase the unique local expressions of African music. It encompasses a wide range of genres, including Afrobeat, Afro-fusion, Afro-Pop, Afrobeats, Alte, Amapiano, Bongo Flava, Genge, Kizomba, Chimurenga, High Life, Fuji, Kwassa, Ndombolo, Mapouka, Ghanaian Drill, Afro-House, South African Hip-Hop, and Ethio Jazz.

Alongside the groundbreaking Best African Music Performance category, the Recording Academy has also introduced the “Best Alternative Jazz Album” and “Best Pop Dance Recording” categories. These additions reflect the Academy’s commitment to recognizing a diverse array of musical genres.

The decision to introduce these new categories was made during the Recording Academy’s May 2023 Board of Trustees meeting, following a thorough voting process. These changes demonstrate the Academy’s dedication to actively listening and responding to feedback from the music community, ensuring it stays in tune with the ever-evolving musical landscape.

Harvey Mason Jr., the CEO of the Recording Academy, expressed his pride in unveiling these significant changes and emphasized the Academy’s commitment to acknowledging a broader array of artists. By relocating the Producer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year categories to the General Field, all voters can now participate in recognizing excellence in these fields. Mason further stated, “We are thrilled to honor and celebrate the creators and recordings in these categories while also introducing a wider range of music to fans worldwide.”

The introduction of the Best African Music Performance category marks a monumental moment for African artists, providing them with a dedicated platform to showcase their remarkable talents on a global stage. This inclusion not only highlights the rich diversity of African music but also paves the way for increased recognition and appreciation of African artists within the global music industry.

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