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Haruna Iddrisu credits religious coexistence for making us a beacon of peace

During an Easter program in his constituency, Haruna Iddrisu, the Tamale South Member of Parliament, urged Ghanaians to strengthen the religious coexistence that has long been present among them. He pointed out that this long-standing coexistence has earned Ghana the coveted reputation of being a beacon of peace.

Iddrisu emphasized the importance of continuing to work together to improve communities, regardless of any differences that may exist. He stated that Ghana’s exemplary religious tolerance and coexistence is one of the best in the world, and encouraged Ghanaians to maintain it.

“We must preserve our status as a beacon of peace by fostering greater religious coexistence. We should keep building on that and working together towards the development of our communities,” he said in a video shared on GhanaWeb.

Easter celebrations in Ghana commenced on Good Friday and ran throughout the weekend, with Christians attending church services and participating in social activities until Easter Monday, April 10th.

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