‘He was caught up by stupidity and naivety’ – Inusah Fuseini speaks after son’s imprisonment [Video]

Former Tamale Central Member of Parliament, Insuah Fuseini, opens up about his son’s arrest and imprisonment in the United States.

Abdul Insuah, aged 32, was sentenced to two years in prison for his involvement in a fraudulent scheme based in Huntington, which used false online personas to defraud individuals across multiple states.

The court also ordered him to pay $152,000 in restitution and subjected him to three years of supervised release after serving his prison term.

In an interview on Face to Face on Citi TV, Mr. Fuseini expressed shock and disappointment over his son’s actions. He believes that Abdul Insuah was driven by “stupidity and naivety,” despite being raised to be a responsible and honest individual.

Mr. Fuseini disclosed that Abdul Insuah registered a company while studying in the US and engaged in buying cars for people. However, a car deal he had with his Nigerian fellow students led to his arrest when the money used to purchase the car was acquired fraudulently.

Although Mr. Fuseini never sanctioned the registration of the company as he believes studies should be a student’s priority, he still supports his son wholeheartedly, asserting that Abdul Insuah is not the type of person who would get involved in others’ wrongdoings.

Video credit: CITITV

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