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“Health Director Urges the Use of Condoms in Kwahu to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies and STIs”

Celestine Asante, the Health Director of Kwahu West Municipal, has advised those taking part in Kwahu Easter celebrations to engage in safer sex practices. Asante emphasized that safer sex practices not only prevent unintended pregnancies but also prevent sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS.

In an interview on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM’s Nyankonton Mu Nsem, Asante particularly urged women to insist on using condoms if they choose to have sex during the festival. She advised that women should pack condoms in their suitcases as a precautionary measure. Asante also noted that many of the encounters in Kwahu during the festival are short-lived flings that do not lead to meaningful relationships.

Asante emphasized that unplanned pregnancies resulting from these encounters can burden society, as fathers are often not held accountable. She urged women to protect themselves and avoid such outcomes.

The Kwahu Easter celebrations have become a significant tourism project, attracting visitors from both home and abroad. Asante urged caution during the festival and advised people to be aware of the risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

Asante also revealed that the directorate is launching efforts to encourage individuals to get vaccinated against Covid-19. However, she noted that they were unable to obtain enough condoms for distribution compared to last year.

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