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Historian Unveils Authentic Significance of Portuguese Coined Abbreviation ‘Accra’

Historian Reveals Unconventional Definition of Accra’s Name

In a surprising twist, historian Amankwah Ampofo has offered a unique interpretation of the name “Accra,” which diverges from the widely accepted belief. Contrary to the popular notion that Accra is derived from the local reference to a city with numerous inhabitants resembling ants (nkran), Ampofo challenges this explanation.

During an interview with Fiifi Banson on Fiifi Banson TV, Ampofo proposed that “Accra” is actually an abbreviation. He further elaborated that the abbreviation was assigned to the city due to its diverse population, consisting not only of Ghanaians but also numerous Africans.

According to Ampofo, “Accra” is an English word that originated in 1877 when the capital was relocated to Accra. At that time, the city housed a significant number of individuals from various African countries. This cultural diversity led to the Akwapim people referring to Accra as the town abundant with people, likening them to ants, which resulted in the term “nkran” being associated with Accra.

“Therefore, Accra actually means ‘A City Containing Rough Africans’ because the city was populated by various individuals, including criminals and others. This was during the time when the Portuguese encountered challenges from the people of Accra,” Ampofo explained.

Amankwah Ampofo’s alternative perspective on the etymology of Accra’s name offers an intriguing departure from the conventional understanding. His interpretation suggests that Accra’s name symbolizes the city’s rich multicultural tapestry rather than a comparison to an abundance of ants.


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