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WRESTLING originated in ancient Nubia, into Kemet from around 3001 BCE or earlier but not later, as Historical researches indicates. But the entire culture that made up the Civilization of ancient Kemet actually originated from the source of the Nile, around what is today Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda etc.

Kemet became the place of high culture of African civilizations that began in the south and was to be perfected over millennia around the Nile delta, the only place in ancient Africa where an about 19km land-bridge connected Africa to the continent of Western Asia, and thus making Kemet a melting-point of African cultures that gave birth to the civilization of Kemet, even before the very first foreigners, outside of Africa, came in 1675/1680 BCE, when the civilization was already at advanced stages and verify

Research have also indicated that all the ancient magicians in Kemet, in the palaces of the Pharaohs, came from an ancient city in the Sahel known as Gao, which became the capital of the Songhai empire in the 15th century CE. Most of Goa is a ruin today.

Kemet was a child of the source of the Nile, “it’s the life of this land, through which it flows. Without the river, none would have started. Without it, none would have continued. Without it, none would have ever returned….” -Winston Churchill.

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