Watch:Hospital-Sourced Infant Blood Allegedly Used to Enhance Gold Yield for Galamsey Operations

Startling information has come to light regarding certain individuals engaged in the illicit mining trade, commonly referred to as Galamsey, in Ghana. A former participant in this activity revealed in a revealing interview on the Angel Morning Show that some Galamsey operators resort to blood sacrifices before extracting precious resources.

According to the ex-Galamsey worker, his colleagues engage in blood sacrifices to ensure a successful yield from their mining endeavors. Shockingly, newborn babies are often the targets of these practices. These infants are crushed in empty cylindrical containers and their remains are dispersed within the mining pits as part of these ominous rituals.

Remarkably, the ex-miner disclosed that certain nurses supply these newborns to the miners, demanding as much as GHC 50,000 for each infant. These distressing occurrences allegedly transpire under the watch of security officials in Obuasi, whom the interviewee accused of being complicit in the Galamsey problem.

He further claimed that security officials in the prominent mining town have amassed significant wealth due to their involvement in Galamsey. The ex-miner asserted that certain influential figures, including police commanders, Municipal Chief Executives (MCEs), and well-known politicians, have established pits and employed individuals to mine on their behalf, indicating their deep ties to Galamsey activities.

Video credit Angel Tv

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