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‘I realised sex is medicinal after I got married; it’s a God-ordained feeling – Selina Boateng.

Selina Boateng, a renowned gospel musician, has opened up about the importance of sex in a healthy marriage. In an interview on Adom TV’s The Journey, she revealed that sex is not only an essential component but also acts as a drug for a healthy marriage. Selina considers it a natural and important part of married life, stating that it has medicinal properties and can even alleviate headaches.

Despite potential criticism from those who may argue that discussing sex is not appropriate for a gospel musician, Selina believes that it’s a God-ordained natural feeling that everyone should embrace. She had previously faced criticism when she discussed marriage in her “TED talk,” but she’s now ready to talk more freely about her experiences.

Selina and her husband, Isaac Berchie, got married on December 7, 2019, at the Church of Pentecost (Magazine) Maakro Central, Kumasi, after their traditional marriage ceremony on December 6. Recently, at the age of 38, Selina welcomed her first child after three years of marriage. She prayed for anyone seeking marriage to experience its goodness and glory

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