Watch :”Idris Elba Reflects on Meeting Otumfuo in ‘Gold’ Documentary: A True Honor”

In February of this year, British actor Idris Elba participated in a remarkable event alongside thousands of subjects from Asanteman and individuals who had journeyed from near and far. Their purpose was to pay tribute to the esteemed overlord of the Ashanti Kingdom, His Royal Majesty Nana Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. This occasion marked the celebration of the first Akwasidae festival for the year 2023.

In a recently released documentary for the World Gold Council, Idris Elba shared his extraordinary encounter with Otumfuo and the rare privilege of shaking hands with the occupant of the Golden Stool. He expressed his initial nervousness, stating, “I don’t get stage fright, but this, this was kind of nerve-wracking.” The documentary showcases his brief exchange with Otumfuo, highlighting the rarity of a personal audience with the King and the genuine honor it represents. Elba further shared, “I can’t honestly believe that I am here, and the king greeted me like a prince.”

Titled “Gold: A Journey With Idris Elba,” the documentary delved into the diverse and often surprising ways in which gold and the societies it has been a part of have evolved over time. This actor of Ghanaian descent embarked on a global journey to trace the human narrative of gold and to understand why its contributions continue to be vital to our development.

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