Kwesi Pratt’s Children Confronted with Hurtful Words by Teacher in Front of Peers”

During the June 15, 2023, episode of Mero TV’s Good Morning Ghana show, Kwesi Pratt Junior, the Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, shared a distressing experience involving his children and their class teacher. According to Pratt, his children were subjected to both trauma and embarrassment when their teacher publicly referred to their father as a thief, coinciding with allegations of bribery being made against him.

Pratt recounted how, on one occasion, the teacher called his children in front of the entire class and made the disparaging remark about their father being a thief. This incident took place during a time when false accusations were circulating, claiming that Pratt had received a payment of $125,000 as a bribe.

The revelation came as part of a broader discussion on the collateral damage faced by the loved ones of politicians and public figures due to the abuse and slander they endure.

Reflecting on the incident involving his children’s teacher, Pratt expressed his decision to let it pass, considering the individual as an ignorant and misguided soul. He believed that the teacher would have to live with their hurtful actions and words, and saw no purpose in pursuing the matter further.

The incident serves as a reminder of the negative impact that unfounded accusations and defamation can have not only on public figures but also on their families. It highlights the need for empathy and responsible behavior in discussing and addressing such sensitive issues, ensuring that innocent individuals, especially children, are spared from unnecessary harm and emotional distress.

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