I have watched snippets of the unfortunate events that took place at the premises of Despite Media and UTV to be specific.

Some members of our party stormed the United ShowBiz programme to register their protests against the unfairness being meted out to the NPP.

Let me state unequivocally that their action was uncalled for, uncivilized and in many respects, uncouth. They had no business storming the studios of UTV over any matter.

In fact, there is no justification whatsoever for their actions. Notwithstanding that, it is about time we told Despite Media’s United ShowBiz that their actions over the past months have provided some people the enzyme to undertake that action, albeit uncalled for.

The Management of UTV has been irresponsible, to say the least. Let me provide my reasons for saying this.

You UTV Ghana is nothing but an extension of the NDC’s propaganda machinery against the New Patriotic Party.

Let me not mince words, the UTV platform is anti-Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. There have been consistent attempts to paint Bawumia black but the Management has kept quiet about it because they endorse it.

Why have they sat down when Rome is being burnt into ashes? Why are they sitting on the fence when Dr. Bawumia is being hanged, drawn and quartered by the show’s host and panelists?

As uncomfortable as I feel pointing this out, honesty compels me to emphatically state that the Management of the station is not innocent in these strenuous efforts being made by UTV to make Bawumia look like a monster in the eyes of viewers or Ghanaians.

I have written open letters to the Management complaining about the manner in which Agya Kwabena and Yaa Konama continue to use the Adekye Abua show to malign the Vice President. They have not stopped because the Management did nothing about the complaints.

Let me put it this way, United ShowBiz has become another platform to undermine Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and the New Patriotic Party. The show on Saturday, September 9, 2023, was worse. The anti-Bawumia agenda was all too clear for all to see.
Let me ask, why do they discuss NPP on the show when there is a little issue but even if the NDC is in flames, United ShowBiz never touches it?

Let me give you examples. In the run-up to the NDC’s presidential primaries, a lot of things happened, compelling Dr. Kwabena Duffuor to abandon his quest to lead the NDC. Your United ShowBiz never talked about it! Why did they discussed Alan’s withdrawal from the NPP’s presidential race and blamed same on Bawumia?

George Opare Addo, (Pablo), and his people were in the news during the NDC’s youth wing’s elections. People got injured, blood was shed, many were hospitalized and many arrests were made.

It never occurred to United ShowBiz, to talk about that unfortunate incident, but they always find space for NPP’s matters! That’s unfair on their part and some of us are tempted to believe that this is a deliberate attempt on their part to promote the NDC while desecrating the NPP with a focus on Vice President Bawumia.

The unfairness in the paneling and the pick and choose attitude exhibited when issues about NPP and NDC are on the floor have made us believe that we are no longer needed.

The anti-Bawumia moves by UTV Ghana have gone too far and the sooner they quell it, the better for their brand.

Let us come down to what might have prompted the unfortunate incident last night. The NPP as a corporate entity wrote a letter to the Management of UTV, complaining about the paneling and the fact that the show has become more political than entertainment, and requesting to the station to consider allowing the party bring its own representative. Note that the party never instructed the station to allow it to bring its representatives but made an appeal.

The letter was written to the Management of UTV, not the show’s host or its panelists. This letter was read on the show not by the host but by two of the panelists who have been part of those who attack the party on the show.

The two panelists did not only read the letter on the show but took the leadership of the party to the cleaners. Bawumia got his share of attacks from the duo.

What right did the two have in reading a letter on United ShowBiz from the NPP to the MANAGEMENT OF UTV? Does that make sense?

Then last weekend, another panelist also took the letter to the show and tore it into pieces. This went on and it was never condemned by the host of the show. The Management of UTV, the recipients of the letter from the party, never saw any need to address this issue. Throughout the week, it never flitted to them that they should engage the NPP on the letter being torn into pieces on live television. This is sad. This is the incompetent aspect of the Management of UTV. The tearing of the letter into pieces, a letter meant for the Management from the NPP, was condemnable. As usual, Fadda Dickson ignored it like a plague.

Let me emphasize that UTV should have written an unqualified apology letter to the NPP’s leadership over how its letter was treated.

The letter being torn apart could mean that the media house doesn’t need our letter in their files and doesn’t want to do any form of business with the NPP.

These events, I believe, coerced the gentlemen to take such an action. I disagree with their action. I have stopped watching UTV and all its shows because of the lopsided manner in which they treat these issues must be looked at once again.

The argument that Mr. Logic has been representing the NPP and its interests is an unsustainable one. Mr. Logic does not support Dr. Bawumia in this presidential race and never defends him when the Vice President is under attack from the panelists.

Let me once again reiterate my position that inasmuch as we have issues with how these people handle their shows, especially, United ShowBiz, there was no justification for invading their premises.

As for their anti-NPP agenda, only the politically naive would not detect it. Despite Media appears to be using UTV through its programmes, to project the NDC to the detriment of the ruling New Patriotic Party, and Fadda Dickson is in the driving seat of this agenda.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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