Israeli Embassy Expresses Gratitude to Duncan-Williams for Prayers, Drawing Reactions from Pro-Palestine Advocates

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams Offers Prayers for Israel Amidst Conflict with Hamas

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, of Action Chapel International ministry, stands out as one of the few clergymen who publicly offered prayers for the State of Israel during the recent hostilities with the Palestinian group, Hamas. In his sermon on October 15, 2023, he urged his congregation to pray for Israel, focusing on the nation’s peace and security in the face of ongoing attacks. He extended these prayers to cover the Middle East and all continents, emphasizing the undesirability of war. The flag of Israel was prominently displayed on the giant screen during these prayers.

Subsequently, the Israeli Embassy in Ghana expressed their gratitude to the Archbishop for his prayers and support on social media. They appreciated the Action Chapel community’s support for Israel during these challenging times.

However, the social media post drew various reactions. Many expressed criticism, particularly those with pro-Palestinian leanings, pointing to Israel’s actions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some also raised concerns about the attention given to Israel, a Jewish nation, by Christian faithful. Additionally, there were those who questioned why the clergyman hadn’t prayed for flood victims in the Volta Region.

The Israeli onslaught on Gaza began on October 7 in response to a military offensive by Hamas, resulting in casualties on both sides. Israel declared a state of war and has been engaged in military actions in Gaza since then.

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