Issah Fuseini Challenges Barker-Vormawor to Substantiate Bribery Claims with Evidence

The former Member of Parliament for the Okaikwei North constituency, Issah Fuseini, has challenged Oliver Mawuse Barker-Vormawor, the convener of the #FixTheCountry movement, to provide evidence supporting his claims that the government attempted to offer him money and appointments to cease his activism.

Barker-Vormawor alleged that he and his colleagues turned down the government’s offer after a meeting with the National Security Minister at a undisclosed location. However, the Ministry of National Security has denied these allegations.

In an interview on Big Issue on Citi TV, Fuseini expressed surprise that Barker-Vormawor has not yet produced any evidence to substantiate his claims.

Fuseini stated, “There are individuals responsible for our security, and they possess more intelligence than we do. Engagements with National Security occur at various levels, and if individuals disclose these interactions, it can leave us vulnerable. Regarding the bribery allegations, the Ministry has issued a statement and issued a challenge. Barker-Vormawor claims to have recordings. The challenge has been set, and I would have expected him to release these recordings by now. This would allow us to understand the context, the discussions that took place, and the offers that were made to him. I am very eager to learn the details.”

On September 20, the police filed an injunction application to prevent the #FixTheCountry movement from proceeding with a planned protest. Despite this, the group’s leaders insisted on going ahead with the protest, leading to the arrest of 49 members of the group, including a BBC journalist and his cameraman. Metro TV’s Bridget Otoo also faced aggression from the police on Thursday.

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