Joe Anokye Announces Imminent Arrival of 5G Wireless Data Communication in Ghana

The Director General of the National Communications Authority (NCA), Mr. Joe Anokye, has disclosed that Ghana is in the advanced stages of preparing for the adoption of 5G wireless data communication in the mobile carrier sector. Speaking at the 12th R.P Baffour memorial lectures organized by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), he emphasized the availability of the necessary spectrum for 5G and outlined the need for careful policy considerations to ensure fair distribution.

Addressing the question of when Ghana would connect to 5G services, Mr. Anokye highlighted the importance of strengthening local internet services before widespread 5G access. He emphasized the necessity of providing Wi-Fi services at communal spaces and establishing fiber optic connections to central points.

Mr. Anokye also mentioned that all internet traffic in Ghana currently relies on submarine cable landings, which, although totaling 5.9 terabytes, face complexities such as cable disruptions. To address these challenges, the NCA is exploring the licensing of additional submarine providers.

Reflecting on KNUST’s technological evolution and communication advancements, Mr. Anokye commended the institution for overcoming challenges in the early 1990s, including outdated teaching materials. He emphasized the critical role of educational institutions in the era dominated by disruptive technologies, acknowledging both opportunities and challenges presented by technological changes.

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