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Listening to the life-story of Official Nana Mcbrown on TV3 Ghana yesterday, it’s obvious she’s come a long way, and I would admonish her to ignore those claiming academic laurels aren’t important in life, and that, people succeed in life without same.

These days, it has become a common feature for successful people of our society who didn’t get the opportunity to have formal academic achievements, virtually crawling over briken bottles grabbing honorary PhDs, just to enhance their social acceptability.

Today, there are so many institutions offering higher education at the tertiary with very flexible time tables. Many working-class who find themselves in Nana Ama’s situation have taken advantage of this and are now degree holders, and I know you can do it.

To your new employers #MediaGeneral Onua TV, I would plead that your are given the needed support by way of schedules flexibility to enable you climb on the academic ladder because it good, if not for anything, atleast the sake of day-to-day societal profile.

I personally can volunteer to help you through a tertiary programme by way of research and meeting assignment timelines. Remember the current IGP entered the police service with MSLC, if I’m right, but he now holds a PhD. Set your mind to it and you can prevail.

In your interview, you promised never to block those who criticise you on social media, irrespective of how sharp or bitter it might taste. I find that very progressive and it’s my plea to those who criticise would do so without the malice but from sincere heart.

Nana, the high-profile welcoming offered you by your new employers was heart-warming and it must spur you on to give out your best. But for workplace tranquillity and harmony, please be mindful not to think of being more important than existing colleagues.

Concerning your immediate-past place of work, my humble admonishing is simple: a driver behind the steering-wheel with vision and safety as objectives, looks into the windscreen and not the rear mirror. Never be distracted by what is behind; focus straight ahead.

You are not perfect, just as you admitted in your interview, and I’ve had issues with your lack of skill in conducting interviews and stamping authority on your guests. But that’s what makes us fallable as humans. But one thing is obvious: you’re deeply loved.

As you start your new job, be your real self and please be careful not to be sucked into the over-dramatization antics often exhibited on #OnuaTV by some presenters. That might be their style which might not be synerginistic with your style, purpose and admirers.

Justice A. Newton-Offei

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