Judge Criticizes Kusi Boateng’s Lawyer for Inadequate Advice on Dual Identity Issue

National Cathedral top official, Victor Kusi Boateng, recently faced defeat in a case he brought against the North Tongu Member of Parliament (MP) for publishing personal details about him. The court ruled that the applicant lacked locus standi and found evidence indicating that there were two individuals presenting themselves as the same person.

In court documents, Kusi Boateng claimed to be also known as Kwabena Adu Gyamfi, but the court dismissed this claim, as it revealed that the two persons had entirely different details.

The trial judge expressed concern over the lack of transparency and duplicity displayed by the clergyman, and criticized his lawyers for failing to address this apparent infraction.

Points 89 and 90 of the ruling underscored these concerns, with the court stating:

“89. The evidence before this court discloses a pattern of duplicity and lack of transparency on the part of the applicant, which borders on criminality. The failure of the applicant’s counsel to appreciate the import of his client’s conduct and to advise him appropriately is unfortunate, to say the least.

  1. The court has painstakingly examined the evidence to determine the true identity of the applicant who initiated this action due to the contention over his identity. It is essential to establish whether the applicant is Kwabena Adu Gyamfi, born on 30th December 1969, with his mother’s maiden name as Yaa Gyamfua, or Victor Kusi Boateng, born on 7th September 1971, with his mother’s maiden name as Agnes Attah. Knowing the applicant’s true identity is crucial for issuing specific orders at the conclusion of the case.”

The court ordered the MP, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, to be awarded costs amounting to 10,000 cedis as part of the judgment.

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