Morocco made around $38m from the World Cup. Prize money + Sponsors.

Just learning that Morocco made around $38m from the World Cup. Prize money + Sponsors.

All that will be invested in football. They plan to establish another Football Complex, this time in Europe. Start recruiting young Moroccan players in Europe & train them by Moroccan methods.

Practically, they’ll establish a training base and office complex in preferably France or Spain, employ staff to spot young players of Moroccan descent and integrate them early enough. These players may converge for camping and undergo same tactical and cultural orientation like those back home at their National Complex.

It is easier this way to have a large pool of talents to choose from and players always build ties with the country and don’t need to be convinced to switch nationality when they’re big stars.

This is their grand plan.

Some of you may ask about Ghana. Yes, Ghana has been to four world cups and 80% of the millions of money earned has been shared among the few people who went to the World Cup, including the recent.

The fans, the upcoming kids and future has never been considered.

Success and Development is not and cannot be by just prayer and chance.

Source :Saddick Adams. Facebook page.

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