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Kennedy Agyapong Vows to Raise Betting Tax Upon Assuming Presidency

Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central and a potential flagbearer for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has expressed his intention to elevate the betting tax as a measure to deter young individuals from deviating from the right path, should he assume the presidency.

During an appearance on UTV in Accra, the aspiring flagbearer highlighted concerns about the adverse effects of excessive betting on the younger generation. He stressed that the widespread culture of betting among the youth could impede their future prospects and lead them astray.

“In a previous interview, a journalist raised the topic of betting and the NPP’s betting tax. I informed him that I would even raise it from 10% to 30%. While I’ve refrained from discussing this matter due to limited employment opportunities, if we could generate more jobs, it would reduce the number of individuals resorting to betting. When a young person becomes addicted to betting, their future is jeopardized. Thus, when I assume office, we will prioritize creating ample employment opportunities for the youth,” he stated.

Regarding the issue of unemployment, Kennedy Agyapong acknowledged his cautious approach in discussions due to the current scarcity of job openings. However, he underscored that generating more job prospects could substantially diminish the prevalence of youth resorting to betting for financial gain.

“Take, for instance, in the US, if you win a bet of around $1 billion, you would receive only $600 million, as approximately 40% would be taxed. This is because it’s ‘free money’,” he explained.

He continued, “Despite the various pieces of advice I’ve given to the youth, they’ve chosen to highlight only the aspect where I mentioned increasing the betting tax. Yes, I said it, and I stand by it. I’m determined to do so to discourage young people from straying off course.”

Concluding, he remarked, “I’m unconcerned about whether you’ll vote for me or not. I’ll speak only the truth, regardless of the consequences.”

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