“Kevin Taylor Vows to Take Down Adonko Company and Dr. Kwaku Oteng Within 2 Weeks

Kevin Taylor has once again made threats against Adonko Company, which he believes is closely tied to Dr. Kwaku Oteng, due to his personal dislike of Nana Yaa Brefo. Taylor has stated that he plans to use social media to expose what he believes is in Adonko Bitters and to ensure that the product is removed from the market. He has given Dr. Kwaku Oteng a 2-week ultimatum to take action.

In a video, Taylor expressed his anger and vowed to take any necessary measures to prove his power and influence. He intends to harm Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s business and make him poor. However, it is important to note that such behavior is not acceptable and can have serious consequences.

“I am giving Kwaku Oteng 2 weeks. I am giving Angel FM 2 weeks. I am going to hit the eyeball of Kwaku Oteng. 2 Week. I want you people to comeback on radio and say Kevin Taylor said he’ll use 2 weeks to bring down Adonko company. I’ll break the heart of Kwaku Oteng. I will show Ghanaians what is in Adonko and why Adonko should not move on

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