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Lecturer at UCC shares his experience of traveling from Germany using Ghana Card after misplacing his passport

Dr. Emmanuel Acheampong, a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, recently shared a remarkable incident where the Ghanacard proved to be a lifesaver when he misplaced his passport and almost missed his flight from Germany to Ghana. In an interview on Okay FM, Dr. Acheampong recounted the events that unfolded at the Hamburg airport and highlighted the role played by the Ghanacard in resolving his predicament.

Arriving at the airport, Dr. Acheampong realized with alarm that he had inadvertently left his passport at home. Faced with the prospect of rebooking his flight, which would have incurred additional expenses, he recalled hearing about the possibility of using the Ghanacard for travel purposes. Fortunately, he had his Ghanacard in his purse, which he promptly presented to Air France, the airline he was scheduled to fly with, to prove his Ghanaian citizenship and his legitimate reason for traveling to Ghana. The Ghanacard, being machine-readable, was scanned by the airline officials who verified his identity as a Ghanaian. They also consulted with immigration authorities at the airport.

Unfortunately, due to the time required for these processes, Dr. Acheampong missed his Air France flight. However, thanks to the partnership between Air France and KLM, he was able to secure a new booking with KLM to travel from Hamburg to Ghana via Amsterdam. During this journey, he used his Ghanacard as a valid travel document.

Dr. Acheampong further explained that he had linked his passport and driver’s license to his Ghanacard, simplifying and expediting the verification process. By scanning his Ghanacard, the airline officials could access all the relevant information, confirming his Ghanaian citizenship. He expressed surprise at the ease with which the Ghanacard facilitated his travel, acknowledging that he had initially been skeptical of its use as a travel document.

Upon arrival in Ghana, Dr. Acheampong discovered that the Ghana Immigration Service had a dedicated desk specifically designed for processing Ghanacard holders. This allowed him to bypass the usual immigration procedures that require presenting a passport. He expressed his appreciation for this convenience, admitting that he had been unaware of such a service.

Reflecting on his experience, Dr. Acheampong acknowledged the value of the Ghanacard initiative and encouraged fellow Ghanaians to embrace it, along with other digital advancements introduced by the government. He emphasized the importance of accurate identification in various sectors of the economy and national life, underscoring the benefits of digitization efforts.

Dr. Acheampong’s personal encounter demonstrates the practicality and effectiveness of utilizing the Ghanacard for travel purposes, validating the government’s announcement regarding its acceptability. His successful journey not only saved him time and money but also served as a testament to the potential advantages of digital initiatives in Ghana.

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