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LGBTQI+: Shatta Michy Questions Preference for Same-Sex Relationships Over Traditional Ones

Shatta Michy has entered the ongoing discourse regarding LGBTQI+ rights, sharing her reservations about the activities of the community.

In her recent statements, she expressed a preference for traditional heterosexual relationships over same-sex relationships, suggesting that they inherently hold a greater sense of sweetness.

During an interview on UTV’s Atuu, she raised concerns about the portrayal of LGBTQI+ themes in educational materials and media. She argued that the divine concept of creation involves a special and intimate connection between a man and a woman. She stressed that the fulfillment of companionship and love is most effectively achieved within these relationships.

She remarked, “I had a moment of contentment, yet regardless of any laws, it’s the education given to children that matters. We have summaries of Shakespeare’s books, and recently, I asked my son to read a book and share the story with me later. He narrated how a girl disguised herself as a boy and fell in love with another boy… and also how a boy wore female clothing in a Shakespeare book.”

Shatta Michy went on to contemplate the influence of these themes on future generations, noting, “So, regardless of legal measures, what is forbidden or restricted is still imprinted in cartoons and literature. Can all those books be eradicated?”

Expressing her concerns, she stated, “I felt like there’s a certain way the Western culture is shaping the next generation, and I’m disheartened by it. Creation didn’t include stories of Adam and Adam. I believe in the natural beauty of women. So, Abeiku (the host), why would you opt for something more challenging?”

Her perspective on the matter underscores her reservations about the portrayal of LGBTQI+ concepts in educational and literary content.

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