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Madina MP refutes news report claiming denial of asylum for wife and children in the US

The Member of Parliament for Madina Constituency, Francis Xavier-Sosu, is demanding that a news portal immediately retract and apologize for publishing an untrue and malicious article claiming that his wife and four children were granted asylum by the government of the United States of America. The article was published by on Thursday, March 23, 2023, with the headline “Madina MP’s Wife and 4 Children Granted US Government Visa Asylum Over Anti LGBTQI Threats.”

In response, the MP has instructed his lawyers at FX Law & Associates to demand the immediate deletion of the article, a retraction, and an apology for its publication. The lawyers stated that the publication was false, malicious, and calculated to injure the reputation of their client, exposing him to hatred, ridicule, and contempt.

The lawyers further demanded that the retraction and apology be given the same publicity and prominence as the false and malicious publication. They warned that failure to heed to their demand would result in a defamation suit against the media house, with their client seeking damages of Five Million Ghana Cedis (GH₵5,000,000.00) to protect his image and reputation.

In summary, the MP for Madina Constituency is demanding an immediate retraction and apology from for publishing an untrue and malicious article about his family, and has instructed his lawyers to take legal action if their demand is not met

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