“Mahama Promises Improved Conditions for Teachers in Upcoming NDC Administration”

Former President John Dramani Mahama reaffirmed his commitment to the education sector, particularly focusing on teachers, in a statement released on Thursday, October 5, to mark World Teachers Day. Referring to the NDC’s 2020 manifesto, Mahama emphasized his party’s dedication to investing in teacher education and professional development programs, a promise detailed on page 69 of their manifesto.

In his statement, Mahama called for a reflection on the current state of education in Ghana, highlighting the need for reforms and improvements in teaching and learning outcomes. He stressed that enhancing teaching and learning should be a top priority for the country’s future prosperity.

Mahama recognized the crucial role teachers play in Ghana’s education system, describing them as the backbone. He emphasized the necessity of providing teachers with the necessary resources, tools, support, and training to deliver high-quality education to students. The NDC, he stated, remains committed to investing in teacher education and professional development, acknowledging that well-trained and motivated teachers are essential to unlocking students’ full potential.

Addressing challenges faced by teachers, Mahama pledged to address issues such as better remuneration and improved working conditions. He emphasized that education is a fundamental right, and every Ghanaian child deserves equal access to quality education.

Regarding the flagship Free Senior High School (SHS) program, Mahama promised to strengthen its implementation by investing in infrastructure, expanding access to educational resources, and enhancing the overall learning environment in Senior High Schools. He renewed his commitment to raising teaching and learning standards in Ghana, aiming to build an education system that equips children with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become responsible and productive citizens.

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