Man Who Murdered Ex-Girlfriend and Assaulted Twin Sister Fatally Attacked in Enyan Obom

In a tragic case of revenge, a heartbroken man who had previously killed his ex-girlfriend and injured her twin sister with a machete was himself killed in Enyan Oboom, in the Central Region, on Saturday. The body of the deceased has been placed in the Ajumako Mando Etuafoa Mortuary.

According to information from GHOne News reporter Yaw Boagyan, the deceased suspect, Bentsil Bubarick, 28, who had a history of criminal convictions, entered the house of his ex-girlfriend on the evening of October 2, 2023, mistaking her for his former girlfriend. Without provocation, he attacked her with a machete, leaving her with multiple wounds. She was rushed to the Ajumako District Government Hospital for treatment. The suspect also stabbed the girls’ father before going into hiding.

The next day, Yaw Boagyan, the GHOne News reporter, interviewed the other twin sister, Ata Kakra, who had broken up with the suspect due to his refusal to quit smoking marijuana. Shockingly, within an hour after the interview, the same suspect had also killed the twin sister he had just spoken to. He realized his mistake and went back to kill his actual ex-girlfriend. After butchering her, he dragged her body and disposed of it in a river before fleeing.

The furious residents, unable to tolerate the heinous acts of the suspect, launched a manhunt and successfully apprehended him. He was subjected to a severe beating and subsequently died. His body has been taken to the Ajumako Mando Etuafoa Mortuary.

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