“Manual School Placement on CSSPS: Easy Steps for Self-Placement if Automatic Placement is Not Applicable”

Self-placement through CSSPS (Computerized School Selection and Placement System) enables students to actively participate in choosing their senior high school after the release of BECE results. Follow these steps to navigate the process:

  1. Visit CSSPS Portal: Begin your self-placement journey by visiting the CSSPS portal, your gateway to schools matching your academic profile.
  2. Access Check Placement Module: On the portal, select the “Check Placement” module on the left side – your entry point to the self-placement system.
  3. Enter BECE Index and E-Voucher Code: Provide your BECE Index Number and the 12-digit E-Voucher Code to authenticate your profile within the system.
  4. Click on “Proceed”: After entering details, click “Proceed” to access the self-placement module and choose your preferred schools.
  5. Choose Desired School: Review the list of schools based on your academic aggregate and select the one aligning with your educational goals.
  6. Specify Residential Preference: Indicate whether you prefer Day or Boarding, aligning your school experience with your lifestyle.
  7. Select Your Programme: Choose your preferred academic program from the options, shaping your educational path according to interests and aspirations.
  8. Confirm and Print: Review your selections carefully. Once satisfied, confirm your placement, noting that changes cannot be made after completion.

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