Video “Meet Linda Dor: The Visionary Teacher Behind Ghana’s Iconic 47-Year-Old Rest Stop”

To address the need for travelers to have access to clean and secure facilities during their journeys across the country, various rest stops have been established along major highways, offering services such as restroom facilities, food, and rest areas for a fee.

One prominent rest stop along the Accra-Kumasi road is known as Linda Dor. While Linda Dor has branches in different locations, the one at Bunso junction stands out. The owner of this renowned rest stop is Belinda Doris Arkorful, who is also a teacher in Koforidua, Eastern region.

In an interview with the YouTuber Wode Maya, Belinda Doris Arkorful revealed that the name “Linda Dor” was derived from her full name. Linda Dor has been serving travelers for the past 47 years. Belinda shared that her inspiration to venture into the food business came from her mother and elder sister. She reminisced about her early days selling items like bread and oranges while still attending school.

“I learned it from my mother and elder sister, so when we were at school, we were selling bread, oranges, and so many things,” she explained during the interview. When asked if this early experience led to the creation of Linda Dor, she confirmed, “yes.”

Belinda Doris Arkorful added, “We started, I think, in 1976.” She explained that the company’s name, Linda Dor, was a direct reflection of her own name, saying, “I am Belina Doris Arkorful.”

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