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Meet The Duncan-Williams’ – DeeWills Drops Photos Of His Father, Siblings And Entire Family.

The controversial son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Daniel aka DeeWills, has dropped a beautiful family photo.

Daniel shared the photo on Instagram, showing his father, siblings and their respective families.

Papa Shilo, as DeeWills is also sometimes known, captioned the photo: “Get to know the family. We are the Duncan-Williams,”

The photo continues a path of reconciliation DeeWills has been following since calling his father out for having him arrested and committed to a mental facility.

DeeWills was on his way out of Ghana to meet his girlfriend in Nigeria when his father had his security officers cause his arrest at the Togo border.

Daniel was arrested and sent to a psychiatric facility where he was detained to be treated for his bipolar disorder.

Whilst in the hospital, he released a video claiming his father is curtailing his freedom and must be stopped.

Daniel later recanted his accusations and apologised and since then he’s been very upbeat about association himself with his father.

Check out his photo showing off the Duncan-Williams’ family below

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