Menzgold Completes Transaction Validation Exercise for Defunct Gold Dealership

Menzgold Ghana has recently announced the successful completion of its gold trading transaction claims’ supporting document collection and vetting process. In a statement dated July 29, 2023, the management of the company expressed that this milestone represents a significant step in the overall process.

According to the statement, the validations of the gold trading transaction claims have been completed successfully. To prioritize data security and privacy, Menzgold Ghana has collaborated with a reputable company to host the report and results electronically, ensuring restricted access to maintain the integrity of the information.

This approach aims to offer traders a seamless means to access the validation status of their transactions while upholding the confidentiality clause in the Gold Trading Agreements between the company and traders, and adhering strictly to data protection standards.

The company further disclosed that traders will soon gain access to digitally check their validated transaction status and receive individually scheduled binding payment dates. The process will be user-friendly, as traders will be able to check their validated transaction status digitally via the web, regardless of their location or the time, using their unique login credentials.

In a few days, traders can expect to use this digital platform to stay updated on the status of their transactions and the exact dates for their binding payments. Menzgold Ghana is committed to ensuring a transparent and efficient process for its traders, enhancing trust and confidence in their gold trading services.

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