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Minerals Commission Removes Rejected Mining Application from Online Cadastre

The Minerals Commission has unequivocally rejected an application from High Street Ghana Limited for a mining license within the Kakum National Park, confirming that the application received no consideration. The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Martin Kwaku Ayisi, signed a press statement indicating that following the rejection, the Commission promptly “deleted the application from the online mining cadastre.”

Addressing concerns raised by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) regarding a mining firm’s alleged attempt to operate in Kakum National Park, the Minerals Commission clarified in its statement that the application by High Street Ghana Limited had been rejected and, therefore, would not be processed or considered. The Commission assured the public that no mineral rights, whether for prospecting or mining, would be granted within the Kakum National Park.

On November 10, 2023, various CSOs vehemently opposed an alleged mining endeavor by High Street Ghana Limited in Kakum National Park, part of 14 applications received by the Minerals Commission for mining in forest reserves across the country. Mustapha Seidu, Director of Nature and Development Foundation, emphasized concerns about the potential destruction of the country’s forests if the Legislative Instrument (LI 2462) on Mining in Ghana’s Forest Reserves was not repealed. Seidu highlighted that an application by High Street Ghana Limited for mining in Kakum National Park was in the validation stage, covering approximately 24% of the reserve. The CSOs urged immediate attention to LI 2462, expressing apprehension about the long-term environmental impact if unchecked mining activities persisted.

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