Read how Mohammed Salisu Eddie Nketia to play for Black stars via facebook post.

In his post, Salisu praised Nketiah’s impressive football skills and spoke of his admiration for the player. He went on to express how much he would like to see Nketiah play alongside him in the national team, and how he believes that Nketiah’s inclusion in the team would be a great asset.

Recently , Mohammed Salisu, a well-known football player, made a heartfelt plea to Eddie Nketiah on Facebook. Salisu took to the social media platform to express his desire for Nketiah to join the Black Stars, Ghana’s national football team.

Salisu’s post received a lot of attention from the football community, with many fans of the sport weighing in on the matter. Some fans supported Salisu’s plea, expressing their own desire to see Nketiah play for the Black Stars. Others, however, were more skeptical, pointing out the challenges that Nketiah may face if he were to join the team.

Regardless of the differing opinions, it is clear that Salisu’s post has sparked a lively debate about Nketiah’s potential involvement in the Black Stars. Salisu’s passion and commitment to the national team have been widely noted, and his appeal to Nketiah is a testament to his love of the sport and his desire to see the Black Stars succeed.

It remains to be seen whether Nketiah will take up Salisu’s invitation and join the Black Stars. Regardless of the outcome, Salisu’s post has undoubtedly caught the attention of the football world, and has sparked a conversation about the future of the national team.

In conclusion, Mohammed Salisu’s recent Facebook post begging Eddie Nketiah to join the Black Stars has caused a stir in the football community. Salisu’s passion for the sport and his love for the national team are evident in his appeal to Nketiah, and his post has started a lively debate about the player’s potential involvement in the team. Regardless of the outcome, Salisu’s post has shown his commitment to the sport and his desire to see the Black Stars succeed.

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