Mona4Reall Transferred to the United States in Connection with $2 Million Romance Scam”

Mona Faiz Montrage, a well-known social media influencer from Ghana, who is also referred to as Hajia4Reall, has been extradited from the United Kingdom to the United States. She stands accused of participating in a romance scam that targeted older, single American individuals, resulting in the alleged swindling of over $2 million. The New York Post reports that Mona4Reall made an appearance in Manhattan federal court on May 15, 2023, to face charges related to her involvement in various fraudulent schemes aimed at vulnerable individuals living alone.

Despite the charges, Mona pleaded not guilty and is expected to be released in the upcoming days on a $500,000 bond, subject to GPS tracking via an ankle monitor. Her attorney, Adam Cortez, confirmed that Mona had received money from several individuals who were victimized by scammers within her network. She is being charged with offenses such as wire fraud, money laundering, receipt of stolen money, and conspiracy. If convicted on the top charge, Montrage could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. According to court documents, Mona was part of a group of fraudsters from West Africa operating between 2013 and 2019.

The scammers would deceive victims by falsely claiming to require money for purposes such as transporting gold from overseas to the US, resolving fabricated FBI investigations, or assisting purported US Army officers stationed in Afghanistan. In one instance detailed in court documents, Mona4Reall allegedly convinced a victim to send her $89,000 through 82 wire transfers under the pretense of supporting her father’s farm in Ghana. The court filings also suggest that Mona manipulated the victim into believing they were married by sending them a tribal marriage certificate after a series of phone conversations where she used her real identity.

Manhattan US Attorney Damian Williams stated, as reported by the New York Post, “Thanks to the efforts of our law enforcement partners, Montrage was arrested abroad and has been brought to the United States to face justice. These scams can be both financially and emotionally devastating for vulnerable victims.” Mona was arrested on November 10, 2022, in the UK for her alleged involvement in the conspiracy and was subsequently extradited to the US.

According to the New York Post, Mona’s Instagram profile ranked among the top 10 most followed in Ghana. The indictment also accuses her of laundering the stolen money to other participants in the criminal enterprise. Cortez mentioned that his client’s movements will be restricted to certain areas within New York and New Jersey while her case is ongoing.

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