Mother Ghana is corrupt !
Mother Ghana is corrupt !!
Mother Ghana is corrupt !!!
Yes, indeed, our country is corrupt
With all the errors of our leaders
They use their knowledge to corrupt others
Oooooh what a corrupt country
The literates want to use their knowledge to condemn the illiterates –
To the detriment of the citizens in the country.
Ooooh what a corrupt country
Corruption has got the country into its deterioration.

Pity be this country,that as a result of its being gullible to the snares of corruption, has gripped its natives with uneasiness.
Thus ,the fall and doom of the LAND MOTHER GHANA.
leaders of our country are dishonest
Their morals hav changed to immoral
What a corrupt country
Mother Ghana is corrupt.

Story by :Belinda Aburam Osarfo

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