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“MP Xavier Sosu: Parliament’s Abolishment of Death Penalty Makes Ghana Proud”

MPs Praised for Abolishing Death Penalty in Ghana’s Criminal Offences Amendment Act 2022

The Member of Parliament for the Madina constituency, Francis-Xavier Sosu, commends his fellow MPs for making Ghana proud by removing the death penalty. Parliament passed the Criminal Offences Amendment Act 2022 on Tuesday, July 25, replacing the death penalty with a life sentence for offenses such as murder, attempted murder, genocide, piracy, and smuggling of gold or diamonds.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, the MP expressed his support for the abolition of the death penalty, citing well-researched arguments that the death penalty is too final. He believes that this move reflects positively on Ghana in the international community.

On the other hand, Dr. Harry Agbanu, a religious lecturer at the University of Ghana, holds a different view and expresses dissatisfaction with the passage of the Criminal Offences Amendment Act 2022. He argues that removing the death penalty may lead to an increase in citizens taking the law into their own hands, resulting in violent and criminal activities. Dr. Agbanu emphasizes the importance of considering potential consequences and the need for sound arguments when making such significant changes in the legal system.

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