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“MTN Ghana Addresses Data Zone Suspension and Pledges to Offer Customers Innovative and Affordable Solutions

MTN Ghana, a leading telecommunications network in Ghana, has recently announced the suspension of its Data Zone bundle from April 5th, 2023. The company has expressed regret for only communicating the matter through service activation channels and has released a media statement to provide more information on the issue.

According to the statement, the Data Zone bundle was suspended due to a review of the bundle offer in line with Significant Market Power (SMP) directives applied to MTN Ghana in June 2020. These directives require that MTN Ghana is not the lowest-priced offer in the industry. The company is currently working with the regulator to align a revised Data Zone bundle that will be reinstated as soon as possible. Customers will be notified of further developments.

The Data Zone bundle is an innovative offer by MTN Ghana that provides customers with a discounted 1-day validity bundle at the point of purchase through the Short Code 135.

MTN Ghana has assured its customers that it will continue to provide innovative and affordable products and services for their benefit

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