NAGRAT Chairman Issues Legal Threat to GES Regarding Compilation of JHS 1 & 2 Absentee List

The Upper East Regional Chairman of the National Graduate Teachers Association (NAGRAT), John Akunzebe, has stated that there is no legal prohibition in Ghana preventing JHS 1 and 2 students from taking the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). During an interview on Dreamz FM’s Breakfast Today, Akunzebe clarified that while the Ghana Education Service (GES) disapproves of this practice, there is no official regulation barring non-final year students from sitting the BECE.

Akunzebe’s comments came in response to a letter from the GES, instructing school heads to provide the names of JHS 1 and 2 students who were absent during the BECE, without specifying the reason for this request. It is widely believed that the GES aims to identify non-final year students who took the exams and potentially take punitive action against them.

Akunzebe expressed concern that the GES might face legal challenges and likely lose if it takes punitive action against students who sat the BECE, as there is no specific rule prohibiting them from doing so. He argued that brilliant students of any basic education level should be allowed to take the exam and suggested that the GES should create a formal regulation on the matter if they believe it is necessary.

He emphasized the need for clear legal statutes to address this issue rather than relying solely on disapproval.

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