NAGRAT Leadership Expresses Frustration with the New Academic Calendar

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has issued a warning, stating that if the government does not engage in discussions to revert the academic calendar back to the trimester system, they may instruct their members to take breaks from work. This response comes after the recent release of the school calendar, which outlines that students in Forms 2 and 3, particularly under the Single Track system, started their academic year on November 1 and are expected to finish on March 6.

Under the double track system, Form 2 students are scheduled to commence on March 8 and conclude on May 9, leaving limited time for teachers to have their deserved breaks.

NAGRAT President, Angel Carbonu, expressed his concerns in an interview with Citi News, suggesting that if the government doesn’t return to the trimester system, the organization may have no choice but to take action, even potentially expelling its members. He mentioned that the education authorities seem uncertain about when the confusion surrounding the academic calendar will be resolved.

Angel Carbonu proposed that a possible solution would be to refrain from admitting new students into the double-track system, ensuring that within the next three years, schools can return to their normal operation. He emphasized that teachers should not be expected to continue working without adequate rest periods, and there may come a time when they take those breaks independently, without the need for intervention from school management.

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