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“NAGRAT’s 2024 Update on Minimum Wage, Collective Agreements, and Equal Benefits in Salary Negotiations”

On October 23, 2023, the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) in Ghana held a press conference in Cape Coast, during which Ms. Salamatu Gausu, the Central Regional Chairperson of NAGRAT, delivered an address. The key points discussed during the conference were as follows:

  1. Teacher Compensation Concerns: NAGRAT expressed deep dissatisfaction with the compensation and remuneration provided to teachers in Ghana. They emphasized the challenging working conditions faced by teachers across the country.
  2. Expired Collective Bargaining Agreement: NAGRAT highlighted that their collective bargaining agreement had expired in 2022. They urged for the immediate negotiation and conclusion of a new agreement to address their concerns and improve their working conditions.
  3. Disparity in Benefits: NAGRAT pointed out that despite all public sector workers serving the same government and country, teachers are not receiving the same benefits as other public sector employees. Disparities were noted in areas such as rent allowance, transport allowance, entertainment allowance, electricity subsidy, and other perks that teachers do not enjoy.
  4. Call for Equal Benefits: NAGRAT called on its leadership to negotiate for improved conditions of service that align with the benefits provided to other public sector workers. They stressed the need for equity and fairness in compensation across all sectors.
  5. Demand for Industrial Peace: The association emphasized the importance of securing new conditions of service as a means to maintain industrial peace and harmony within the education sector. They warned that if their demands are not met, they may consider taking further action to address these issues.

Full Statements

The Graduate Teacher for Eceleng Date: 23rd OCTOBER. 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, of the Press we are happy to invite you this afternoon on our issues
concerming our condition of service.

As you are all aware the Ghanaian teacher lags behind when it comes to issues ol
compensations and remuneration, despite the fact that the teacher works under very
challenging conditions everywhere in this country.

Itis sad to inform you that our collective bargaining agreement has expired since 2022, and
we expect that a new agreement is concuded immediately.

Ladies and gentlemen we are all public sector workers, working for the samc government
and the same country and yet, our government sees it necessary to include in the conditions
of service for other sector workers, benefits that are not found in the conditions of service
for others

We For example, there are public sector workers who are enjoying rent allowance, transport
allowance, entertainment allowance, electricity subsidy and other juicy allowances that the
Ghanaiun teacher does not enjoy.

We are by this press conference calling on our leadership to ensure that benefits that othe
public sector workers are enjoying, should be enjoyed by the Ghanaian teacher.

The Ghanaian teacher cannot be hoping for reward in heaven while others are enjoying
here on carth.

Ve are therefore, calling on our leadership to be steadfast in negotiating for new conditions
of service to ensure industrial peace and hamony. Failure to do this, we will have no other
option than to advise ourselves.

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