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“Nana Akomea clarifies that Bryan Acheampong did not make a statement implying NPP’s intention to stay in power at all costs”

Nana Akomea, the Chief Executive Officer of the InterCity State Transport Corporation, has defended the Minister of Agriculture, Bryan Acheampong, stating that his comments at a recent political event were misconstrued. During the event, Acheampong had stated that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) would do whatever it takes to remain in power and warned the opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), that they have the capability to face them in the 2024 elections.

Acheampong’s statements drew criticism from the NDC, who described them as “reckless and treasonable” and called for his arrest. However, Akomea argued that Acheampong did not mean that the NPP would refuse to leave power if the Electoral Commission declared the NDC as the winner of the 2024 elections. Akomea emphasized that politicians must be careful about their words, as they can be subject to interpretation and lead to wrong conclusions.

Akomea stressed that Acheampong’s comments were not intended to suggest that the NPP would stay in power no matter what, but he acknowledged that the way in which the minister expressed himself could lead to such an interpretation. Akomea urged politicians to be mindful of their language, as it can be misinterpreted and cause unnecessary confusion

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