Nana Akomea Responds to Mahama: “If You Seek Presidency, Cease Insulting Others”

Former NPP Communication Director Expresses Displeasure at Mahama’s ‘Insults’

Nana Akomea, a former director of communication for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has expressed his dissatisfaction with the perceived insults directed at him by former President John Dramani Mahama. This came after Akomea urged Mahama to voluntarily give up his ex-gratia as a gesture of goodwill.

In a statement addressed to GhanaWeb, Akomea highlighted that Mahama had used strong language against others who made similar appeals. He further suggested that if Mahama aspires to become president again, he should refrain from insulting individuals who criticize him.

Akomea expressed sadness that Mahama had chosen to respond with insults, insinuating that politics had clouded Akomea’s judgment. He also recalled that when others had voiced similar sentiments in the past, Mahama had responded with similar derogatory language, labeling them as “silly.”

In his statement, Akomea urged Mahama to avoid insulting fellow citizens if he intends to pursue the presidency once more. Despite their differences, Akomea emphasized that he still considers himself a friend of Mahama and maintains a composed mindset.

The statement reflects Akomea’s disappointment with the perceived disrespectful manner in which his views were received, while also highlighting the need for respectful discourse in political interactions.


Former president John Dramani Mahamaberated Nana Akomea after he called on him to reject monthly ex-gratia if he is really true with recent promises to scrap ex-gratia when elected president.

Nana Akomea, a former lawmaker and current Managing Director of Intercity STC; said challenged Mahama on live radio last week to stop drawing monthly ex-gratia.

But Mahama, via a social media post lamented what he said was ‘politics’ in the views that Akomea was advancing. Referring to Akomea as ‘my friend,’ the former president went on to describe his former colleague in parliament as a fine mind.

The National Democratic Congress’ 2024 flagbearer clarified that as a former president, he receives a monthly pension, not ex-gratia as Akomea claimed.

“My friend Nana Akomea. Really sad what politics can do to a fine mind! I don’t take ex-gratia. I receive a monthly pension,” Mahama’s May 26, 2023 post read.

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