National Cathedral Project Requires $100 Million for Steel Importation to Proceed, Says Executive Director

Dr. Paul Opoku Mensah, the Executive Director of the National Cathedral of Ghana, has provided justification for the expenditure incurred thus far in the construction of the cathedral. In response to criticism labeling the project as the world’s most expensive pit due to the absence of a visible physical structure despite over $30 million being spent, Dr. Opoku explained that the nature of the work completed is not fully understood by some Ghanaians.

During an interview on Okay FM, Dr. Opoku clarified that two underground floors have already been constructed, with the remaining major task being the placement of a steel structure. However, the construction has temporarily paused due to the need to raise $100 million for the steel structure.

He further elaborated that once the foundation is completed, funds will be utilized to import the required steel components, which will be assembled outside the country before being brought in for installation. Following the steel structure’s installation, the remaining tasks will involve concrete and marble cladding, along with other finishing touches.

Dr. Opoku emphasized that the construction of the National Cathedral is a substantial endeavor and will be an architectural marvel unlike anything seen before in Ghana. The need for approximately $100 million to import the necessary steel components has caused a delay in the project.

It is important to note that the project has faced public scrutiny due to the perceived high cost and lack of visible progress. However, according to Dr. Opoku, significant work has been done underground, and the focus now lies on raising the required funds to proceed with the steel structure and subsequent construction stages.

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